Michael Holman

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Holman paints from the point of view of a historical absurdist, a "Deconstructivist." In all his paintings, Holman strives to exploit man's need to express ideas and emotions in documental formats, which have a propensity to convey meaning, in and of themselves, for example: flags, papal bulls & scrolls. His work has been shown in eminent art institutions - from Art Basel Miami to the Beyeler Museum in Basel, Switzerland and musee d'Art moderne de la Ville de Paris, to name a few.

“Silver Flag in Gold Frame”: 22”x22” silver leaf, 2007

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“Does It Seem Marvelous”: 26”x26” metal leaf, 1993

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“Self Portrait”: 38”x38” gold & silver, 2009

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“Where Am I...”: 28”x28” gold leaf, 2008

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Native”: 38”x38” acrylic, 2009

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“Dico Nullus Plus”: 53”x60” acrylic, 1995

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“Native #1": 38"x38" gold leaf, 2009

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“Everlast (gold)”: 28”x28” gold leaf, 1993

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“LV Native”: 38”x38” acrylic, 2009

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“Silver Cross”: 26”x40” acrylic, 2009

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“Everlast (brown)”: 22”x22” acrylic, 1993

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“Playboy”: 54”x66” acrylic, 1993

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“Black Panther/3D”: 48”x48” acrylic, 1993

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“The King”: 55”x80” acrylic, 1995

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“The Dagger”: 55”x75,” acrylic, 1995

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“Seven/Eleven”: 26”x32” acrylic, 2008

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“Black Bumper Sticker”: 26"x40" acrylic, 2009

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“Red Bumper Sticker”: 26"x40" acrylic, 2009

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"Galves in Gold" : 16"x16" acrylic, gold & silver leaf and cotton ribbon on canvas, 1997

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"Conquistador" : 38"x50" chalk on paper, 1985

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"SYMBOLI INNOCENTI SUNT" : 60"x84" acrylic on canvas, 1992

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Soul Party Installation, Mudd Club, 1981

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Painter CV
Born in San Francisco
Living and working in New York City since 1978
Has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the
University of San Francisco, attended
New York University's Graduate School of Film

Art Exhibitions
One Man Shows:
White Walls Gallery, San Francisco, CA (August, 2009)
Chassie Post Gallery, Atlanta, GA (March, 1993)
Lewis and Clark Gallery, Columbia, S.C. (Nov., 1991)

Special Exhibition
Screening short film “Pesceador©” during Basquiat Retrospective at the Fondation Beyeler Museum, Basel, Switzerland, as well as sat on panel with Bruno Bischofberger (May-September, 2010), then travels to the Musee d'Art moderne de la Ville de Paris (Oct., 2010-January, 2011)

Group Shows:
The Last Party Exhibition, White Box, New York, June 2015
Spring Break Art Show (“Transaction”), New York, March 2015
The Future Is Now/L.E.S., New York, December 2014
The Future Is Now/The Highline Loft, New York, August 2013
CURE-ATED, New York: "Pesceador©," 2011
Art Basel/Pulse Art Fair/Marcia Wood Gallery (December, 2008)
Art Basil/Rafik Gallery, Miami (December, 2007)
F.O.B./Agnes B. Puffin Gallery, New York (November, 2007)
PooL Art Fair New York, New York (September, 2007)
Agnes B. Skyline Gallery, Paris (October, 2006)
Triennale di Milano Museum, Milan (September, 2006)
Downtown 81, The Show, New York (July, 2001)
The Global Village, Guild Hall, East Hampton (April, 2001)
ICA, London (July, 1997)
Serge Sorokko Gallery, New York (April, 1997)
Index Gallery, Osaka, Japan (March, 1997)
Casa Gallery, Tokyo (June, 1997)
Milarena Exhibition Space, Trieste, Italy (June, 1997)
Clocktower Gallery, New York (Dec., 1996)
Eighth Floor Gallery, New York (March, 1996)
Antenna TV, New York (May, 1994)
Barbara Braathen Gallery, New York (May, 1993)
Whitney Museum, Basquiat Retrospective, New York (1992)
Space One Eleven, Birmingham, AL (Oct., 1992)
39th Arts Festival of Atlanta, Atlanta, GA (Sept., 1992)
The Kitchen, New York (1983)
P.S.1, New York (1982)
Keith Haring's "Beyond Words" Mudd Club, New York (1981)

Quoted & Stills from Holman film,"Pescador©," 1981, printed in Jeffrey Dietch Gallery book, "Jean-Michel Basquiat 1981, Studio of the Street"
Quoted, Whitney Museum catalogue, Basquiat Retrospective
Quoted, Anthony Haden-Guest's book, "True Colors"
Quoted, Anthony Haden-Guest's book, "The Last Party"

Fine Art Press:
New York Times, (7/21/13)
Luxe Immo, (May-June 2013)
The East Hampton Star (11/3/11)
The South Hampton Press (11/3/11)
Basler Zeitung (Switzerland, 5/10/10)
Art Magazin (Germany, May, 2010)
The Art Newspaper (3/4/09)
The Art Newspaper (12/4/08)
ARTFORUM (10/99)
Atlanta Journal/Constitution (3/23/93)
CNN (1993)
Columbia, S.C.'s The State(11/15/91)

Recorded song with band Gray and Ashley Bickerton: "The Mysterious Mr. Bickerton"

Lectures regularly on Contemporary Urban Culture and Contemporary Art for institutions such as; Fondation Beyeler Museum, The Whitney Museum, Brooklyn Museum, ICA, Austin Museum of Art, The New School, Yale University, New York University, Rice University (Houston), London's Royal College of Art, Calusca book Store (Milan, Italy), San Francisco Art Institute; PaineWebber and R.J. Reynolds; New York University; Musee d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris

Holman writes for the British art magazine Art Monthly & Art Forum