10 Signs Your Wife Just Slept With Someone Else

Wife Just Slept With Someone Else

We can’t expect all relationships to go smoothly all the way to the end. Sometimes, serious problems might happen at the most unexpected time.

What would you do if your wife is cheating on you?

Marriage should be a serious relationship. It’s a vow and sacred promise that’s committed by the bride and groom. Of course, they should take it to their heart and respect it till the day they finally die.

However, in reality, things are not as pretty as they should be. Even a married partner could cheat on others. What’s saddening is that this case is not a rarity. It’s pretty common in this day and age. There’s data showing 15%-20% of couples who are married have cheated on others.

No matter how long your relationship is, a chance for cheating is always there, awaiting an opportunity. If you feel that your wife starts acting weirdly, it’s better to check the physical signs your wife just slept with someone else.

10 Signs Your Wife Just Slept With Someone Else

1. She often lies about her location

When you’re calling your wife to ask here whereabouts, she should tell you the exact location where she is. If she’s working, she might tell you that she’s in the office. When she’s taking your son from school, she’ll tell you she’s waiting in the car. It should be as simple as this because it’s true.

If your wife is lying, it’d be totally different. When you come to visit her in the office and can’t find her anywhere, surely you’d want to call her right away.

If she’s saying that she’s working in the office when she’s clearly not, it’s a good indication that she might be somewhere with someone else she doesn’t want you to know about.

2. Sudden changes in her behavior

When you’ve been married for years, it may be easy for you to notice your own’s wife behavior. There might be changes here and there, but only during special occasions, like when she’s having her period, for example.

But during normal days, a sudden change in her behavior might look really suspicious. Her body language will show she’s been unfaithful, and you might notice it right away.

There are a few examples that look apparent, like avoiding eye contact, feeling uncomfortable when you’re in the same room, or not wanting to start a conversation with you. All of these might happen because she feels uncomfortable as she has something to hide from you.

3. She won’t let you borrow her phone

One of the most obvious physical signs she just slept with someone else is she won’t let you borrow her phone, not at all. If your wife has been sleeping with someone else, of course, they’ve been chatting with each other quite often as well.

Aside from the conversation, the phone might also have photos or videos of their secret relationships. Knowing all evidence is there, she wouldn’t let you to touch her phone even a bit.

4. Calls a different name in bed

Another obvious and classic way to know your partner slept with somebody else. When sleeping, she often calls someone’s name that’s different from yours. And it’s pretty weird. That’s a clear sign that she’s been thinking about another man when she’s sleeping.

5. She feels uncomfortable around you.

When you’re around, you can see that she doesn’t feel comfortable, even irritated. She’d like to slowly drift away from you as she now finds someone she thinks is better. So if you notice that she doesn’t want to be with you anymore, that’s how to tell if your wife has slept with someone else.

6. Sudden interest loss in sexual activity

It’s normal that wives often feel tired after doing all the house chores. Thus, when the night comes, they’d like to just sleep without doing anything else with their husbands.

However, if the interest in sexual activity is suddenly lost and lasts for a long time, it might be because she slept with someone else.

7. Showing more coping responses to stress

According to IFS Studies, 13% of women have cheated on their partners. And one of the most common signs of cheating is increasing stress.

When your wife is hiding something from you, she tends to show more negative coping responses to stress, especially if the fact she’s trying to hide is as big as sleeping with another man.

8. Sudden change in sexual activities

It’s fine for husband and wife to try new techniques during sexual activity. But if the change is so sudden, you might need to raise an eyebrow. It might be caused by the fact that she slept with someone else and felt a totally different experience.

9. Your wife accuses you instead

Another most obvious sign in the 10 signs your wife just slept with someone else. Humans have an unconscious defense mechanism to project their guilt onto others. When you feel angry, sometimes you like to pour out your emotion to someone you are close with. The same thing might also happen to your wife.

Her guilt for sleeping with another man might be projected onto you. She would accuse you instead, even without any proof.

10. No more romantic time

As she finally found her comfort zone in another man’s arms, she’d likely avoid any intimate activity with you. Even when you try to cuddle, she’s trying to avoid it. This action, if lasts for a long time, can make the warmth finally gone from the marriage.


And that’s the signs your wife cheated on you. Some of them are subtle, and some are pretty apparent. If you do notice the signs, then you need to take considerate action. First, by looking for the evidence.

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