15 Best Call Recorder Apps for iPhone

Whether you’re engaged in crucial talks with team members or hashing out ideas with a business ally, sometimes it’s beneficial to have a record of those dialogues for future reference. However, iPhones, by default, don’t come with a built-in recording feature. We’ve sifted through and curated a list of standout apps for you to choose the best call recorder app for iPhone. Enjoy!

Why Do You Need a Call Recorder for iPhone?

Recording calls isn’t just for journalists or spies. The average person has numerous reasons to use one! Examples are as follows:

  • Recorded calls can serve as evidence in situations where there’s a dispute about what was said or agreed upon;
  • In customer service and sales industries, call recordings are used to train new staff and to monitor and improve the performance of existing staff;
  • Professionals, like journalists or researchers, might record calls to transcribe them later for articles, papers, or studies;
  • Instead of taking notes, recording a call can ensure you don’t miss any details, especially if a lot of information is being shared;
  • In certain scenarios, recorded calls can be used as evidence in case of threats or other malicious activities;
  • Businesses might record conference calls or brainstorming sessions so participants can refer back to them later and stay aligned with decisions or ideas;
  • Sometimes, individuals might want to record calls for personal reasons, like capturing a special conversation with a loved one.

Last but not least, considering call recording is forbidden in numerous countries. According to various resources, like Business Insider, iPhones don’t have such a feature. Due to this fact, the need to find a decent iPhone call recorder arises.

Legal Considerations

Call recording is illegal or restricted in certain jurisdictions and primarily stems from concerns related to privacy, consent, and misuse of recorded information.

At its core, the right to privacy is fundamental. Using a call recorder app iPhone without the knowledge or consent of the involved parties can infringe on this right. For many, a telephone conversation is a private exchange, and unauthorized recording is considered an intrusion. Moreover, recorded calls can be exploited in various ways, such as blackmail, unauthorized dissemination, or misinformation.

According to a 50-state survey, most states, like the federal government, typically require a person’s consent to record a conversation. By restricting call recordings, lawmakers aim to minimize the risks.

Features to Look For in a Call Recorder App

Prioritize security, ease of use, quality of recordings, and storage options. Here are 5 main points highlighting the primary features of a call recorder app for iPhone:

  • Recording Quality and Clarity: The ability of the app to record calls with clear audio quality, ensuring that both sides of the conversation are audible and distinct.
  • Automatic and Manual Recording: The option to automatically record every call as soon as it starts, or manually initiate the recording based on user preference.
  • Storage and Organization: Efficient storage management that allows users to save, categorize, label, and search through recorded calls. Integration with cloud storage services can be a bonus.
  • Security and Privacy: Encryption and protection features that safeguard recorded calls from unauthorized access, ensuring user data remains confidential.
  • Sharing and Transcription: Tools that allow users to easily share recordings across platforms or devices, along with optional transcription services to convert voice recordings into text format.

These are broad points, and individual apps may offer more specialized features depending on their target audience and use cases. Remember, it’s not just about recording; it’s also about playback and management!

Top 15 Call Recorder Apps for iPhone

We’ve prepared a list of 15 best apps that offer both convenience and productivity. With these call recorders, you can revisit conversations at any time.

Product NameShort DescriptionPricing
Rev Call RecorderThis is a free call recorder for iPhone that consistently records calls without glitches, missed sections, or crashes. You can even export your recordings and there are no hidden charges. However, after making an extra payment, you can access features like call transcription.completely free
TapeACall ProThis app records a call by creating a three-way conference call where the third line does the thing. The app offers transcription services, converting spoken content into written text. You can also label your calls and easily manage them.$3.99/month or $29.99/year
Automatic Call RecorderThe app has an intuitive interface, making it simple for users to record, playback, and manage their calls, so it simplifies the recording process. It allows you to store recordings on both your device and cloud services.$6.99/week
Call Recorder LiteThe app protects your recorded calls from unauthorized access, especially if they’re stored in the cloud. You’ll need to open the app before making a call though.$9.99/300 minutes
Call Recorder App for iPhone by ProfuseIntegrated with a modern design, this call recorder for iPhone offers both incoming and outgoing call recording. You will need a working internet connection to use the VoIP feature to record a call.$29.99/month
Call Recorder – Int CallOffers basic functions without heavy costs. You’ll have to dial the number in the app to record a call, and recording the incoming calls is a little more difficult.10 ¢/minute
Call Recorder App: RecMyCallsThe app records calls without any significant loss in clarity or voice quality. Offers basic functions without heavy costs. The app displays the duration of the recording, ensuring you’re aware that the call is actively being captured$5.99/month
Call Recorder iCallReliable, with great reviews and feedback for clarity. You’ll need to tap a few buttons to record a call: the “Record” button and the “Merge call” button.$5.99/week
Call Recording by NoNotesA two-in-one app for recording and transcribing. This app is compatible with most phone’s OS versions and other apps people use regularly. Provides easy sharing options to other platforms.75¢/minute
Call Recorder for MeA versatile recorder with support for multiple formats. Known for its clarity and user-friendly UI. You can store and manage an unlimited number of recorded calls.$5.99/week or $14.99/month
CallRec LiteOffers reliable call recording with an easy-to-use interface, ideal for basic recording needs. This app also uses a 3-way merge call recording tool.$6.99/month
RecordeonThe app with modern features, it’s gaining popularity for its simplicity. You’ll be able to label, store, and share your recordings.$9.99/month
GetcallThis app saves your recordings inside the folder, and you’ll be able to share them through any supported services. It offers basic editing tools, such as trimming, which can be useful to remove unnecessary parts.$5.99/week
Phone Call RecorderThe app works without a SIM, using its online services for both local and international calls. It also offers in-app transcription of recordings.$5.99/week
Re:CallThe app prides itself on encrypted recordings and ensures privacy-focused operations. Available for international calls and works excellent in managing recorded calls.$9.99/month

How to Choose the Best Call Recorder for iPhone?

When selecting the best call recorder for your requirements, it’s essential to start by reflecting on your primary purpose for using it. Is your intent predominantly business-related, personal, or perhaps for academic endeavors? For instance:

  • If you’re a business professional, you might prioritize features like cloud integration, transcription services, and high-quality audio for clarity during meetings.
  • On the other hand, personal users might look for ease of use, security, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Academic users may value transcription accuracy and storage capabilities to manage numerous interviews or research calls.

In essence, understanding your core needs and aligning them with the app’s features is the cornerstone of making an informed decision on the best call recorder for iPhone. By doing so, you ensure that the app not only meets but enhances your call recording experience tailored to your specific demands.


This section aims to address some of the most common concerns, inquiries, and misconceptions, providing succinct answers to guide you.

Is recording calls legal?

It depends on your jurisdiction. Always seek permission and know your regional laws.

Do these apps record both incoming and outgoing calls?

Most do, but some like Google Voice only record incoming.

Is there a cost associated with these apps?

Some are free, but many offer premium features at a cost.

Can I share my recordings?

Most apps offer sharing options but always prioritize security.

How much storage do these apps require?

It varies. Consider cloud-based storage if you record frequently.


The ability to record calls on your iPhone isn’t just a convenience, but often a necessity for various professional, academic, and personal purposes. While Apple’s native tools might not offer this function, third-party developers have stepped in to fill the gap. With the help of our list of the 15 best call recorder apps for iPhone, we hope you’ve found the perfect match for your needs.

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