Apps to Catch Cheating Spouse iPhone: Why You Actually Need Them

Apps to Catch Cheating Spouse iPhone

A partner who cheats is a serious issue. Yet, how to know that he is really cheating? How to catch a cheating spouse iPhone app, then? I guess you don’t have any idea. I’m here for you to tell you about the most reliable and 100-percent-working apps that can help you catch a cheating partner if they have an iOS phone. 

Did you know that iPhones share approximately 18.8 percent of the cell phone market in France? No wonder that your partner can be one of the iPhone owners. 

Therefore, sit back, breathe out, and let’s start looking for the best app that will help you deal with this challenging task of how to catch a cheating spouse on iPhone. 

Why You Need To Install Spy Apps To Catch Cheating Spouses

From my personal experience, there is no doubt that a spy app is the best solution to catch a cheating partner. And there are many reasons that can confirm my thought. 

First and foremost, a spy app can collect the evidence you need. The app allows you to monitor everything on your spouse’s phone, such as calls, text messages, emails, photos, and videos. You will be able to know who he or she is talking to or seeing without leaving any clues whatsoever. Simply use an app instead of looking for tonnes of iPhone hacks to catch a cheater.

Furthermore, the right-chosen app has the ability to track your spouse’s GPS location and show you exactly where they are at any given time. Just open your personal dashboard, click on the specific tab, and see whether they are really enjoying a beer with their colleagues after work or whether they are hanging out with someone at a place you’ve never heard of before. 

Another reason why a spy app is an essential tool to catch a cheater iPhone is that it can help protect you from emotional pain. Having proof of your partner’s infidelity will allow you to make an informed decision about whether you want to stay in the relationship or not. You can weigh all the pros and cons, understand the undercover of their behavior, and decide whether your relationships deserve your forgiveness. 

Finally, spy apps are incredibly easy to install and operate. All you need is a few minutes of your time and your partner’s phone for installation. After that, you can monitor everything remotely from anywhere using any device. Isn’t that a miracle? These apps can save you time, money, and, more importantly, your nerves.

How to Catch Cheaters on iPhone

Catching a cheater has never been as easy as thanks to spy apps. They are the top-notch solution that allows seeing the exact geolocation of your partner any time you want, looking through their private messages on social media, accessing their browser history, and much more. Sounds like an invention that can save relationships! Significantly, as I mentioned before, it is also an easy-to-use tool that doesn’t require any specific tech knowledge or skills to install and use. Let’s see how to catch a cheater on iPhone and how you can start proving your partner’s loyalty! 

1. Get an iCloud ID from Your Spouse’s iPhone

Most modern spy applications require iCloud access to monitor the targeted device. Therefore, you need to get your partner’s Apple ID and password in order to install the app and access their hidden secrets further. 

2. Choose an App to Catch the Cheater

There’s a wide range of spy apps available, offering different features and packages. That’s why it is crucial to decide for yourself what is the best app to catch a cheating spouse iPhone. Before you purchase the app, make sure it’s compatible with your spouse’s iPhone and check what type of info you can get from it. Also, consider the cost and feedback from real users to know what you are going to pay for.

3. Connect the App and Get All the Information You Need

Once you find the right app and have the necessary credentials, it’s time to install the software on your partner’s iPhone. After that, you only need to install the app on your spouse’s device and wait a couple of minutes for all the data to appear in your dashboard. Now you will be able to track their location and messages in the app for as long as you want. Yep, you can do that as much time as you need, as there are apps that are completely undetectable. They run in stealth mode, and your partner won’t even have a clue that they are being tracked. You see, it is that easy to catch a cheating spouse iPhone.

Best apps to catch a cheater

Once you understand the assignment, we can start choosing the app. Remember what you want to track, what you expect to find, and what your motives are when making a preference among the apps I’ll describe below. So, let’s see what is the best app to catch a cheating spouse.


Mspy is one of the most popular apps for tracking, and once you understand its features, you will see why. This app allows users to monitor calls, text messages, emails, and social media activity with ease. Plus, it comes with a geolocation feature that can track down your target’s movements in real-time mode. It is also easy to install and use, which makes it a great choice for those looking to keep tabs on their partner. Undoubtedly, I would call it best app to catch cheating spouse iPhone.


This app is somehow similar to Mspy, as it is also equipped with features like social media tracking and geolocation. However, Moniterro has a few extra features that other apps may not have. For example, you can set up alerts when certain words are used in conversations or if your target enters specific locations. Sounds like a perfect choice to detect infidelity when your partner types in “I love you” to someone called Sarah when your name is Jess. 


Oh, yep, it is my favorite and best way to catch your spouse cheating on his iPhone! Haqerra has a lot of useful features! What I personally like is the fact that this app is the one which allows you to track your target’s activities in stealth mode. It is so undetectable that the target won’t even know he or she is being tracked. I was super excited to see my husband’s confused sight when telling him some facts I shouldn’t have known about. You can also view their web history, contacts list, and other data from anywhere as long as you have access to an internet connection. The easy-to-navigate dashboard is one more advantage of this app. Simply log in to your account, check the stability of the internet connection, and start revealing your partner’s secrets!


Another popular app among the hunters of cheaters. It has become quite popular because it provides the ultimate monitoring experience. Eyezy allows you to spy on data like photos, messages, contacts, and even keystrokes! You can also record the screen with its advanced screen recording feature, which makes it one of the most comprehensive apps to catch cheating spouse iPhone for those looking for more information about their target.


Clevguard can also be used to track someone’s phone and, consequently, catch a cheating partner. It is considered a reliable and secure app available, with features such as GPS location tracking, call monitoring, SMS monitoring, keylogging, website blocking, and more. Its price is quite low; however, I wouldn’t say that I was super excited when trying it. I would say that it lacked intuitive navigation. Although, it is a great app that does its job!


How to catch a cheater through text messages?

Catching a cheater through text messages can be difficult, but it is possible. The most important thing to do is to pay attention to any changes in your partner’s behavior or attitude. If they seem more distant than usual, if they start deleting text messages immediately after reading them, or if they are suddenly not answering calls or texts, something may be up.
Next, look for signs of cheating in the text messages themselves. Do any of the messages contain suspicious information or terminology? Is your partner more secretive about specific conversations? Are they sending flirty texts to people other than you? All these can be indicators that they are having an affair.
If you don’t know how to get or prove these signs of cheating, then – using iPhone apps to catch cheating spouse is certainly your choice! 

Can Your Spouse See You Installed a Spy App?

If you decide to use apps like Mspy, Haqerra, Moniterro, or Eyezy – then there is no chance your partner will even have a hint that they are being tracked. These apps run in stealth mode, meaning that even if your spouse checks the phone or computer activity, they won’t be able to tell that those tracking apps are running in the background. Also, these apps won’t be displayed anywhere on the phone, so your partner won’t be able to see even the app’s icon. 

Is there an app to see if my partner is cheating for free?

Yep, the market can offer you solutions on how to catch a cheater on iPhone free. However, I wouldn’t trust those apps as most of them are unreliable. Some of them ask you to pay for the functions you need later, and some of them even appear to be malware. It’s better to rely on a reputable service provider. Besides, free apps can’t guarantee 100% accuracy, and some of them are not so user-friendly. So, think twice before going for free. 


Cheating is a serious offense, and we all have the right to know if our partner is being unfaithful. Therefore, using a spy app can be one of the ways to catch a cheater on iPhone to keep an eye on your partner and detect any signs of infidelity without having to confront them directly. However, you should use these apps responsibly and ensure that your privacy and that of your partner is respected. With the right spy app, you can get all the information you need to make an informed decision about the relationship. Good luck! 

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