Is She Faithful to You? 14 Characteristics of a Cheating Woman

14 Characteristics of a Cheating Woman

It’s not easy to talk about cheating, but it’s a conversation that we must have. According to the recent study, 22%* of people have admitted to being unfaithful in their marriage. What about those who haven’t? It turns out that certain characteristics of a cheating woman can give insight into her behavior.

This post covers not just the best way to catch your spouse cheating on his iPhone, but brings together a list of common behavioral patterns of unfaithful women.

14 Cheating Woman Сharacteristics

Unearthing the characteristics of a woman that is cheating on her husband feels like solving a complicated puzzle. Let’s delve into these subtle signs, making them easier to understand and spot.

#1 The Outspoken Rebel

One of the key characteristics of a cheating woman is her desire to break the existing rules.

Such women often say, “We leave once, so why not follow our hearts and do whatever we want?”

If you can’t fulfill her need for freedom and independence, she will find a “bad boy” to be with.

#2 Commitment-Phobe

A cheating woman may have a hard time staying in one place for too long and feel suffocated in relationships that require loyalty and dedication. That’s why her dating history is full of random one-night stands and short relationships with no future.

#3 She Is a Serial Cheater

Has she ever admitted about hard times in her past relationship, but “you’re completely different”?

One of the common cheating woman characteristics is hiding in natural craving for adrenaline and excitement. Even if you go above and beyond to show your dedication, she may still find a way to sneak in her “fun”.

#4 Wide Social Circle

Let’s say you prefer cuddling in front of the TV to going out. Eventually, your woman will get bored and seek attention elsewhere.

The bigger her social circle is, the higher her chances she will be able to find someone to entertain her. Characteristics of a cheating wife are cruel, but here we are.

#5 She Is the Peacekeeper

No matter what is going on in your relationship, she will find a way to turn down the heat and avoid risky confrontations. Does she care about your well-being? Perhaps. But the point is that it’s easier for her to look for a distraction than to admit she isn’t happy in your company.

#6 The Emotional Void

The more isolated she feels, the higher her chances of finding solace in someone else’s arms.

Сheating women don’t have an emotional connection with their partners and want to find someone who can give them what they’ve been missing.

#7 Woman Who Is Unusually Secretive

If you ask me about the obvious characteristics of a woman that is cheating on her husband, secrecy is at the top of my list.

Sometimes it feels like you live with a college roommate instead of your partner.

A cheating woman will never tell you about her friends or daily life, and she’ll never share any details with you.

#8 Breakup Is Life-Threatening

The logical ending of a relationship is something that keeps her awake at night. That’s why she’ll do anything to prevent it from happening. A cheating wife usually believes that she can’t survive without her current partner but can’t resist the temptation of other men.

#9 She Is Not Satisfied with Your Intimacy

Rose petals, champagne, and silk sheets no longer make her happy. No matter how hard you try, it’s not enough. Could it be that she is comparing you to someone else? Cheating women characteristics include always wanting more, especially in the bedroom.

#10 Blame Games

The attack is the best form of defense. Therefore, her complaints about your flaws and shortcomings are stronger than ever.

Most of the time, she’ll use it as an excuse for her behavior instead of accepting her mistakes and trying to fix them.

#11 Master of Lies

Her social skills have impressed you from the very beginning. No matter what she wants, she knows how to get it.

Cheating women can make you think things that are not even true. What is more, they can convince other people that they have a perfect life and relationship.

#12 She Sets Emotional BoundariesI

If you are feeling lonely when she is around, that’s a red flag. At the same time, she still shows signs of appreciation. Although subtle characteristics of a cheating woman may pass unnoticed, this one will confuse you the most.

#13 Path to Success

Sounds terrible, right? But if a cheating woman has high ambitions (be it career goals or anything else), she won’t let anyone stop her. Men are the only tools to reach the desired result. If your relationship is standing in the way of her dreams, she’ll find a way to solve it.

#14 She’s Protective of Her Phone

All insights about her private life will remain hidden behind multiple passwords. She can spend hours online and never let you know what she is up to. 

If you want to make sure that she isn’t cheating, mSpy can help you with it. This app retrieves all the data from your partner’s phone, be it text messages, emails, calls or browsing history.


The characteristics of a cheating woman can vary, from her ambitions to her protective nature towards her phone. Pay close attention to any changes in her attitudes and behavior if you suspect your partner is being unfaithful. If unsure, mSpy can provide all the answers you need.

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