How to Know if Someone Deleted Messages on Messenger


The advent of instant messaging apps completely transformed people’s online interactions. Today, Facebook Messenger boasts of having around 931 million monthly active users globally. This chat platform allows individuals from different walks of life to converse, share memes, join group discussions and more.

But how can you see deleted messages on Messenger if you’re looking to keep your family safe? This article divulges a few solutions that could come in handy.

How to Know if Someone Deleted Messages on Messenger

Why Do You Need to Know if Someone Deletes Messages?

There are many reasons that could prompt you to recover and view another person’s deleted messages on Facebook. These include:

  1. To Protect Your Child From Bullying

It’s often said that charity begins at home. This adage especially rings true when it comes to our kids. Reading their erased texts on Messenger can help you discover whether they’re being bullied by their peers or harassed by strangers online.

  1. To Safeguard Your Kids From Online Predators and Scammers

The internet harbors dangerous crooks whose aim is to extort, swindle or even molest unsuspecting users. Learning how to see deleted messages on Facebook Messenger allows parents to keep their children safe from digital perils.

  1. To Find Out if Your Partner Is Cheating On You

Do you suspect that your spouse is having an affair? Going through their sent, received and deleted Facebook messages can help put your mind at ease. Luckily, there are some excellent tools that you can use to track someone’s social media chats discreetly.

Ways to Recover Deleted Messages on Messenger

If you’re looking for an effective way to retrieve another person’s deleted messages on Messenger, there are several strategies you can use. Let’s discuss the best methods to recover erased messages.

  1. Check Old Email Notifications

A quick way to view deleted Messenger chats is by retrieving them from old email notifications. Although most people wouldn’t think to search their emails, it’s the perfect place to start. You can search for specific conversations by logging into the target user’s native emailing app such as Gmail and sifting through their notifications.

Unfortunately, this technique only works if they had previously turned on email notifications for Messenger. Those emails automatically back up any conversations your partner or children had on Facebook.

If your target user deletes his/her old emails regularly, then the chances of finding their deleted Messenger chats are quite slim.

  1. See the Message From Synced Notifications

Have you been wondering how to know if someone deleted messages on Messenger? Well, you can check their deleted texts from another synced device.

For instance, if you utilize a parental control app that links your child’s smartphone to yours, it’s possible to see their incoming chat messages even after they’re erased from the target device.

Once your loved ones’ phones are synced to your own, you’ll get a notification whenever they receive a message on Facebook Messenger. The text will still appear on your notification panel after it has been deleted on the main device.

Unfortunately, most parental control apps cost an arm and a leg yet they provide little value for money.

Archive Message vs. Delete Message vs. Remove Message on Facebook Messenger

If you frequently use Facebook Messenger, you might have noticed how easy you’re able to control all your messages. This app provides a variety of features that guarantee user privacy. These include:

  1. Archive Message

Archived messages are all files and messages that are stored in a secure, long-term storage facility. When you archive a message on Messenger, it moves to a folder labeled “Archived Chats”. Users can conveniently access and respond to archived messages at any time. This process helps to remove unnecessary messages from your inbox and keep it tidy.

  1. Delete Message

Deleting a message on Facebook Messenger simply removes it from your chat history. Unfortunately, your message recipients can still view it from their end. You can delete messages by opening the respective chat on Messenger, long-pressing the texts in question and then selecting “Delete”/“Unsend for you”.

  1. Remove Message

After you send a message, you still have 10 minutes to delete it. To achieve this, click on the chat to open it, select the individual message and hold it, then select “Unsend”. Next, click on “Unsend for Everyone” to ensure that this content is completely removed from everyone’s inbox. 

How to Know if Someone Deleted Messages on Messenger

Messenger Archive

Are you worried that someone else can see your deleted messages on Messenger? If that’s the case, archiving your texts can help protect your privacy without needing to delete them permanently.

Facebook Messenger is equipped with an archive where you can conveniently hide your chats, organize your messages or simply clean up your inbox.

The process of archiving a conversation on Messenger is pretty straightforward. First, select the chat you’d like to archive and swipe it left. Next, choose the option labeled “Archive”. After that, the entire chat will be located in the Archive folder.

Open Facebook Messenger, tap the three horizontal lines in the top left corner, and select “Archive” to see your archived chats.

Use the Moniterro App

Moniterro is a dedicated tracking app that allows users to monitor other people’s SMS messages, social media chats, GPS location and more. It’s the perfect app for tracking your loved one’s Facebook Messenger account.

You can learn how to see deleted messages on Facebook Messenger using Moniterro, thanks to its intuitive and user-friendly interface.

When it comes to tracking someone’s Messenger, Moniterro offers the following possibilities:

  • Checking deleted messages. This app recovers every message that they’ve deleted on Messenger, revealing any secret they’re desperately trying to hide.
  • Inspecting their media files. If your partner or child shares photos, videos or links on Messenger, Moniterro will provide access to all these files.
  • Remaining incognito at all times. If you’re worried of being found out, this is definitely the app for you. It operates in stealth mode and conceals all your tracking activities.
  • Revealing their interlocutor. Moniterro provides information about your children’s friends on Facebook Messenger, allowing you to discover whether they’re interacting with online predators.
  • Accessing their sent and received messages. You’ll view every discussion that occurs on their Messenger app, including all incoming and outgoing messages.
  • Compatibility with different devices. Moniterro is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. As such, it can operate on all your devices seamlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Other Person See Deleted Messages on Messenger?

Recently, Facebook introduced a new update for their Messenger app that allows users to delete chats on both sides. However, you’re also offered the option to delete individual conversations, in which case the message will still be viewed by your recipients long after you’ve deleted it.

Are Deleted Messenger Messages Gone Forever?

Messenger’s official privacy policy regards deleted messages to be permanently erased. You should therefore back up your conversations to avoid deleting valuable contents. If you delete messages unilaterally, you can still access them from your email notifications.

Is There a Way to See Deleted Messages on Messenger?

Backing up your data on email or iCloud can help you retrieve deleted Messenger messages with ease. However, you can also get these messages from your synced notifications. Another option would be to request your chat recipients to share the information you require if you hadn’t already unsent for everyone.

Final Thoughts

Facebook Messenger is a remarkable app that can be quite productive if used properly. However, parental supervision (such as Moniterro, for example) is vital if your children or teenage kids are on the app. Learning how to know if someone deleted messages on Messenger can help you unearth whether your little ones are interacting with the wrong individuals.

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