How to Read Cheating Spouse Text Messages Free

Have you ever been in a relationship? We hope that it’s going well for you. Having an attachment to somebody you’ll love forever is a blessing. When you have the chance to be at someone’s side, cherish the moment.

We’re saying this as not all relationships do not go as smoothly as expected. Some people even thought about how to read cheating spouse text messages free because of some problems in their relationships.

Did you know that some countries have pretty serious cases of affair? For example, 51% of married adults in Thailand have admitted they have an affair in their relationships. Cheating is serious, and it is the most fatal problem that often leads to a broken relationship.

If your partner starts acting weird all of a sudden, probably it’s the best time for you to finally know the truth by using the top 10 monitoring apps, which we will explain in the next section. See more below!

The Top 10 Apps Review

If you wish to know how to read cheating spouse text messages free, there are plenty of tools you can use to do the job. Without further ado, let us start with the first one, Moniterro.

1. Moniterro


Have you ever heard of or used Moniterro before? If not, now is your best chance. Moniterro is one of the best monitoring apps that you can use to check all those messages hidden from you. If you want to finally uncover the truth, simply use the tool to monitor not only chat apps, but also calls, texts, and social media accounts.

What’s best about this tool is the fact that it’s versatile. On the other hand, you may use it to check your partner’s phone from the inside, but parents can also use it to monitor their kids’ online activities.

This monitoring tool may serve a great list of features, including:

  • SMS monitoring
  • Social media monitoring (up to 17 apps)
  • Phone location tracker
  • Geofencing
  • Wifi blocking
  • SIM card location detector

2. mSpy

There are a lot of tools you can use to read cheating spouse text messages free Android. However, we highly recommend using pro tools, like mSpy to get the maximum features and benefits.

mSpy is one of the top spying apps that can be helpful to monitor someone’s activities remotely. It does require you to do the proper installation steps to connect the target device to yours. This tool has a lot of features you can use, such as:

  • Able to work stealthy, which makes it work more efficiently in the background
  • Advanced Social media monitoring
  • Calls monitoring
  • Text messages monitoring
  • Remote screen recorder
  • Screen capturer
  • Geofencing features through GPS technology

The tool itself can be used for both Android and iPhone. All you have to do is to properly connect them to your desktop, and you will be able to monitor those devices remotely by checking the dashboard.

3. Spynger


If you want to spy on spouse text messages free, there are a lot of choices to consider, which we will also explain later. But if you desire better features, we also recommend using Spynger. This monitoring app has many abilities to support your monitoring activity, including remote screenshots.

You can use the tool to check deleted messages, automatically update software on the target device, and check any changes in the contact. Thanks to its easy installation, anyone can use it without hustle.

The tool supports both Android and iPhone, allows GPS tracking, and is completed with 24/7 customer support.

4. Eyezy

If you want to seemingly check the cheating spouse text messages codes, you can use one tool most people would recommend called Eyezy. Similar to the premium monitoring tools we’ve mentioned above, Eyezy also works greatly to offer various monitoring features for users.

With this tool, you can:

  • Monitor the calls
  • Check Calls and SMS
  • Track location using GPS
  • Record keystrokes using a keylogger
  • Monitor in secret, thanks to its Stealth Mode.
  • Know app usage for each installed application.

5. Haqerra

Another tool you can use to check cheating spouse text messages iPhone is Haqerra. This is the simplistic tool you may use if you wish to check any important information in the target device. It presents a user-friendly design, which makes it easier for users to understand, and abundant monitoring features to explore.

With it, you can freely check the chat apps installed on the target phone, social media, and messages or contacts as well.

This monitoring tool may serve a great list of features, including:

  • SMS monitoring
  • Social media monitoring (up to 17 apps)
  • Phone location tracker
  • Geofencing
  • Wifi blocking
  • SIM card location detector

6. Spylix


According to the data obtained in 2012, up to 35% of married couples in the US have experienced infidelity in their relationships. So, yes, an affair, in general, is a very concerning issue that might happen unexpectedly.

As many people want to check cheating spouse text messages codes, there’s one tool we’d like to introduce: Spylix.

Another great thing about Spylix is the installation is so easy. You may start tracking someone’s phone within 5 minutes, and it can be done even without jailbreaking or rooting the phone. As it can work in the background, users don’t have to worry about their monitoring actions as they will be kept hidden.

7. UMobix


Catching a cheating spouse sure feels hurtful, but also relieving at the same time. Now, if you want to seek the best tool to do the job, you can try an app called UMobix. This app which can be used for both Android and iPhone may work by delivering comprehensive monitoring features that may be helpful in collecting evidence of the affair.

8. Clevguard


Another premium monitoring tool that may deliver comprehensive monitoring features is Clevguard. This tool may have everything you need in a spy app. It’s easy to install, works fast, and has a lot of features you can use.

For example, you can use it to monitor calls, which include both outgoing and incoming calls. Tracking SMS, social media, and also tracking the target phone’s location. Location tracking is possible as this app will use GPS technology to do so.

If you’re looking for something extra, Clevguard also has a keylogger, which lets you know any keystrokes in the target phone. And to assist any confused users, this tool also has a pretty responsive customer support that’s ready to help any users in need 24/7.

9. Xnspy

If you wish to read cheating spouse text messages free, you can highly depend on this tool. Although Xnspy isn’t as complete as the premium tools we’ve explained above, at least it can still offer the basic features that are highly needed, including tracking calls and SMS.

Yes, although people tend to use chat apps, a small percentage of them are still using SMS to communicate with someone they want to keep secret. By using the SMS monitoring feature, you can see all the outgoing and incoming messages, while showing the contact as well. If you indeed found something suspicious in them, feel free to take a screenshot and use it as evidence.

10. Spyic

Another option you can use to read cheating spouse text messages free is a tool called Spyic. This tool also has limited features, which is pretty understandable as it’s completely free to use but pretty useful.

Although you can’t find any advanced features like a keylogger, at least you can still check the text messages, call logs, social media, and surprisingly, location. These features are just enough to track your cheating spouse.


After knowing the methods to spy on spouse text messages free, we’d like to answer a few commonly asked questions. Hopefully, the answers could be a solution for you.

Is it legal to do so?

Spying on someone’s phone is generally illegal, in some countries. Your country may have a different regulation about this, especially when it comes to something specific, like kids monitoring. As the parents need to always check on their kids, these monitoring apps can be legal to use, as long as they are properly used.
However, before doing anything else, it’d be better for you to check the laws and regulations in your country first.

What is the best app to read cheating spouse messages?

There are a lot of apps we can think of here, but if you’re looking for the best, it would be mSpy. With such affordable pricing, you can get a list of comprehensive features to use, including location tracking, keylogger, and also screen capture.

Can spy apps be absolutely free?

While some of them can be used for free, we don’t really recommend them as most of these so-called free tools are often filled with scams. As they’ll not receive any payment from the users, they will do something else to gain profit, like putting up excessive ads that may ruin the overall user experience.

Do you need physical access to the target device?

Most of these monitoring tools always require you to have access to the target phone, otherwise, it wouldn’t be possible. Any tools promising remote access without having the need for physical access are mostly scammy.


And that’s the list of the top 10 best apps you can use to read a cheating spouse’s text messages. Some of them are premium, and a small percentage of them are free to use. Hopefully, you may find the one tool that may fit you effectively in terms of pricing and value.

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