How to See if Someone Has a Secret Facebook Account

How to See if Someone Has a Secret Facebook Account

Have you ever wondered how to see if someone has a secret Facebook account?

Yes, people can use a secret Facebook account. At least, there’s a portion of those 2.98 billion monthly users on Facebook who have it.

And they have plenty of reasons why doing it. First, the positive ones. Many people want to make a secret account in the name of privacy. They just don’t like when people see what they’re doing online.

The second one is going negative. People may use the secret Facebook account to make a conversation with others secretly. It is really fishy indeed, especially when your spouse is the one doing it.

So to check whether he/she has a secret Facebook account, there are several methods you can try. Check them below.

The Best Ways to Find Hidden Facebook Accounts

1. Perform a Quick Name Search

So, how to find out if husband has secret Facebook account? The first method is by searching for their names.

If you do it on search engines like Google, you can expect to see a very long list of persons who have the same name. So, we won’t use it. Instead, we’ll be using a website called Spokeo.

What this site will do is:

  • Search for the name you want to find and display any information related to that person;
  • It’ll show you their friends, family members, and even their old classmates;
  • Show anyone who is or was related to that person will be known.

2. Use a Phone Number to Search

Another wonderful service that Scannero offers is location tracking by using a phone number. Yes, you can see the exact location of the target just by inputting the phone number alone. However, you have to do the proper “installation” for it to work properly.

After making an account and punch in the phone number in the given box. Enter the number properly and watch how fast the platform scans it.

Moments later, you’ll be given complete information about its location, like address, accuracy, and also tracking date.

3. Track Digital Footprint by Email

With more than 4 billion email users in the world, it’s pretty obvious that people are still using email, although there are way too many alternatives you can find now. What’s best about email is that it’s simple and also accurate.

You can use this aspect of accuracy to track if someone actually has a secret account or not by looking at their digital footprint. And for this task, the best way you can do this is using Spokeo.

What it will do is search millions of public data, and use the reverse email to know who’s the user who created the email in the first place. To do this, visit the Spokeo page, navigate to its email search page, and then put the email there.

Shortly after, all the social media accounts made through that email will be displayed for you. The report is pretty simple, and we’re pretty sure that anyone could understand it well. So, if you want to make sure that, “my boyfriend has a secret Facebook account”, or not, simply use it to find the clear answer.

4. Check on Facebook Directly

The next method is to check on Facebook directly. It is the fastest way, after all.

If you don’t wish to use anything else rather than the platform itself, simply search for the phone number or email address of the person you’re looking for on the search page. However, expect a long list of results when you put it, so take some time to notice which one of them is actually the correct person.

As people will often secret accounts using different email or phone numbers, you have to look for either of them first before doing this method. Feel free to use Beenverified for this task.

5. Use a Monitoring App

Last but not least, you can also use a monitoring app. As they are so many of them out there, we highly recommend the one that’s best, Moniterro.

With it, you can easily monitor not only Facebook Messenger but also other things, like messages, for example. You may also check what’s inside those chats, so any indications of cheating using a secret Facebook account can be easily found.


Can I have a secret Facebook account?

Yes, and although one person is actually limited to only having one personal account, many users decided to make secret accounts. Usually, they use different phone numbers or emails to do this so they can’t be easily traced.

What’s the purpose of having a secret account?

Many, depending on the person. One may use it to make a totally different account for their own personal entertainment, and the others may use it for other purposes, like cheating for example. Cases like these are often found in any social media network.

Is normal conversations different from secret ones on Facebook?

Yes, and it’s actually pretty easy to notice the difference. When someone’s having a secret conversation, you can see that the chat will be displaying a padlock icon, indicating that it’s secret.

What to Do if You Find a Secret FB Account

If you indeed use the secret way to search Facebook without account and actually find it, then simply do what you need with it.
Most people would likely use the methods above to find proof that their spouses are cheating. So if you indeed find the secret account, find any evidence you think is worth saving. Take some screenshots if needed, and then keep them.

Can You Trace a Fake Facebook Account?

Yes, it’s possible. Please refer to the above methods to find the secret Facebook account.


And that’s how to find a hidden Facebook account. As we mentioned earlier, people online often use secret accounts like this. If you feel that your partner starts acting strange or suddenly keeps secrets from you, then it’s also a good idea to check whether they have a secret account on Facebook or not.

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