Trick Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend to See if She’s Cheating

Ask Your Girlfriend

Having a good relationship is sure one of the greatest things we have in life. There’s someone we really care about, someone who’s always there for us. When you take a pause in life and look at your other half, you might realize how great life is.

But not many people have this same opportunity. No matter what they did, their relationships were bound to crash, or at least that is what they taught. We could never know who’s the one for us, as tomorrow is full of surprises.

Many relationships crashed because of unloyalty, even the serious ones. In the United States, 21% of people admitted to cheating on their current partners.

So if you notice your girlfriend starts acting so suspiciously all of a sudden, there might be an indication that she is cheating on you. And we know that it’s hurtful.

When hearing the term “cheating” most men would likely rage right away. Who wouldn’t feel so betrayed after a thing like this happened? Of course, most of us would.

But, there’s a better way to find the truth: ask her directly about it. Of course, we won’t share questions that are too direct to the problem. Instead, we’ll be using the trick questions to ask your girlfriend to see if she’s cheating.

Trick Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend to See if She’s Cheating

1. “When my friend’s partner is cheating on Them, I think it’s best for them to break up. How about you?”

One of the most important questions on the list. Asking this question may open up a new conversation to understand your girlfriend’s idea about the relationship’s pressures. The answer you might get, along with the reaction, might vary depending on whether she’s actually cheating on you or not.

If she’s not cheating on you, she’ll not hesitate to answer the question by saying her thoughts. Even a second.

It’s different when she’s been cheating on you, at least for a while. She would feel attacked, troubled and consider making decisions that are impulsive. Instead of answering the question, she’ll talk in circles to keep you away from the topic.

There’s also a chance when she could reflect on her mistakes and open up to you if a long time has passed since she cheated on you.

2. “Do you want to get married?”

Want to test your partner’s loyalty, test them with trick questions to catch a cheater about marriage. Most women would want to ask their men this question. But in this situation, you are the one who’s going to ask them.

Marriage, for most people, is important. The goal of having a relationship is to get married, and have a long-lasting relationship together “til death do us part”. It’s a serious status and symbol that’s so sacred and special.

If you have a loyal girlfriend, she’ll answer the question directly, and happily as well. If your girlfriend is actually cheating on you, she would answer it reluctantly. She’d not answer it at all since she was also thinking about her relationship with another man.

However, if she even has a small sense of remorse deep beneath her heart, she’d even cry knowing what she had done.

But, some would also answer it boldly; because they still want something from you. Although she doesn’t feel a thing for you anymore, she still wants something from your life, mostly wealth. It’s terrible, we know, but people like this do exist.

3. “ Is it actually okay to cheat on somebody?”

The next one of the trick questions to ask a cheater is considered pretty direct.

When you’re having a relationship with somebody you truly love, you’ll begin developing a strong emotional connection with them. If you do love each other, you can feel it in your every bone.

It’s different when you have a partner that’s cheating on you. She wouldn’t feel anything as if there’s a big gap between you two. Something is clearly missing in between, loyalty.

You may notice different answers based on these different situations. If your girlfriend is not cheating on you, she’d answer something like, “No, of course not!”; “Of course not, you silly,”; with a smile on her face.

But, if your girlfriend is actually unfaithful, she’d have different responses to this question. When she answers “Well, it’s depending on the situation, maybe it’s the boy’s fault”, or just simply, “I don’t know” with no emotion, you know that she’s clearly trying to hide something.

4. “What would you feel if I cheated on you?”

The next one on the list of trick questions to ask your girlfriend to see if she’s cheating might be hard to answer, if she’s actually cheating.

Having a long relationship might make us wonder about each other’s loyalty. According to data, only 40% of women would feel guilty for cheating on their spouses.

If your girlfriend is unfaithful, she’d find it hard to answer this question. Instead of having an easy time, she’d show a strong reaction instead. She won’t feel guilty and try her best to avoid the question.

You might even notice that she will panic.

5. “What is this?”

Actually finding evidence about cheating might impact you in both ways. You’d feel relieved, knowing you’re finally free from your doubts. But on the other hand, you might feel too depressed, angry, and disappointed, knowing that she’s never truly yours.

When you finally have evidence, don’t think about the trick questions to catch a cheater anymore. Ask this question, clearly and boldly. This will result in two endings: either your relationship is still yours or not. If it ended up the latter, there’s nothing better than moving on.

You need to know that you also deserve happiness, and you deserve someone much better.

Finding The Solution

In your journey to find out the truth, you need to approach things carefully and secretly. And one of the best ways you could do so is by using a monitoring app. One of the best options we’d like to recommend is Moniterro!

This monitoring app can be a really great option to find out whether your girlfriend is cheating or not as it may offer lots of features, such as:

  • Social media monitoring
  • Calls and messages monitoring
  • Photos, videos, or other media checking
  • Location tracking
  • Screen capture to collect evidence.

By using the app, hopefully, you may finally know the truth she’s been hiding from you.


And those are the trick questions to ask your girlfriend to see if she’s cheating. As you may know, relationships can’t go smoothly all the way to the end. On the way, you might happen to fall into trouble, it’s undeniable.

But remember, two loving hearts are bound to be together if they love each other. When one of them is missing, it’s hard to keep a relationship.

If you find out that your girlfriend is cheating, you have two options here: keep the relationship, or let it go for good. No matter what your choice is, we hope you can be happy with it.

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